C3 = Community, Conversation, and Collaboration.


We are a growing community of like-minded, legacy-minded, professionals.

We were tired of attending traditional estate planning conferences that discussed the same old thing: death and taxes. We wanted to create an innovative space and environment where the focus could be about life and purpose.

As a member of our community you will experience multiple benefits. First, you will be on the cutting edge of the burgeoning legacy planning industry and have the opportunity to help shape this new era and develop industry-best practices and standards. In addition, you will be able to attend and participate in our many planned educational and social events. Finally, you will find yourself surrounded by peers with similar interests to network with and generate potential business opportunities.

Any movement is only as strong as its members, and it is our intention to gather the best minds and authorities together to help solve the problems of traditional estate planning and to usher in this new era of legacy planning.


We believe that conversations can be transformative experiences.

It is our goal to engage in an ongoing conversation with our community of professionals in order to pioneer and usher in this new era of legacy planning. Together, we can develop best practices and industry standards that benefit individuals and families across the globe.

In addition, the Legacy Project is an educational platform to speak directly to individuals and families about the need for legacy planning. Through our events, online content and other resources, the Legacy Project will not only be working with our community of professional adviser to better serve their clients, we will be actively working with those clients and integrating their thoughts, feedback and concerns into the legacy planning strategies in order to develop the best industry standards.


Collaboration is key to designing and implementing a successful legacy plan.

That is why the Legacy Project insists on a commitment to teamwork and a collaborative effort amongst legacy planning professional to serve our shared clients. At the core of legacy planning is a desire to empower clients to live their legacies proactively and with intention—and that takes a village.

No one individual, company or firm has all of the answers. That is why collaboration (i.e, a team approach) is a central belief and one of the four tenets of legacy planning.

The Legacy Project is about innovation and fosters an environment where members feel comfortable presenting new ideas and planning solutions. We encourage our members to work together and form strong, lasting relationships to develop both legacy planning strategies as well as business opportunities.