Legacy Project Launch—Thank You


We want to thank everyone who participated in the Legacy Project launch event webinar on April 23rd. The overwhelmingly positive response and attendance far exceeded our expectations.

As we explained at the launch event, our goals in establishing the Legacy Project are three-fold:

  1. To create a community of like-minded, legacy-minded professional advisors;
  2. For that community to engage in meaningful conversations in order to develop best practices, new industry standards, an education opportunities for practitioners and the general public; and
  3. To create an environment to instigate interdisciplinary collaboration and a team approach in order to service clients and generation opportunities.

We are delighted to hear that many of you who attended have already adopted a legacy planning approach in your practice, and encourage those legacy advisors to stay involved and contribute to this movement.

We do not profess to be the inventors of legacy planning. We know that other legacy advisors are out there, but we are the minority and not the industry standard. The Legacy Project is a call to action to bring together those of us who believe in a more meaningful, mindful, legacy planning approach to advising individuals and families, so that we may unite, collaborate and have a lasting impact together on our various industries.

We need the help, input and leadership of every legacy advisor out there. So please, stay a part of our movement. For the rest of you, the Legacy Project will be an opportunity for you to learn and evolve as an advisor, as well as to contribute your thoughts, comments and questions.

This is only the beginning. In terms of what we have planned, you can look forward to monthly conversational webinars that dig deeper into the specifics of legacy planning and how it is actually implemented in practice. Our panel, which will include industry leaders and guests, will focus on specific topics to help you learn how to become a legacy advisor or improve your existing legacy practice.

If you would like to participate in one of our upcoming panel discussions, please contact us, through our contact form.